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A little about me ... (go ahead and grab a seat lol)

My name is Mary, I am the proud owner and Photographer here at Twelve Ninety-Five Photography. I love to travel, eat and live healthy, be creative, learn something new every day, enjoy all life has to offer and I strive to be a good human. Some of my favorite things aside from Photography and collecting Vintage Cameras the last 27 years include (a lot of food, seriously it's a problem!); Sushi, Marlin & Swordfish, good Wine, BBQ Pork, Real Butter, Beer, Artisan Cheese, Football, Fries, Coffee, Antique Stores, Cheesecake & Bread Puddings, Exotic Cars, Babies, Puppies, Farms and Sunshine! That's a lot y'all but it's true... I love all those things!! I'm also a born and raised Kentuckian, and love ALL things Kentucky including the Horses, the Kentucky Derby, the smell of Tobacco Farms, the Hospitality and the Kentucky Wildcats; BBN! 


I moved south to Florida 25 years ago but moved out of state in 2008 with a job transfer. After 10 years I settled back here in beautiful North Florida. I missed the area but spent that time away exploring West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky with my 4 amazing kids, and 2 lazy dogs (Boxer and a Boston Terrier), so it was a great adventure! 

Photography has been part of my entire life, even as a young child. During my time at Eastern Kentucky University I studied Photography learning basic camera operations, darkroom and lighting techniques, etc.. of course, the art of photography has changed with our digital era but, I won't lie though, I miss film! I started pursuing my dreams professionally in 2007 shadowing another photographer in Jacksonville. This was a tremendously generous opportunity given to me and I learned a great deal that I'm eternally grateful for. Her belief in me and continuous words of affirmation helped drive me to pursue those dreams of creating a business from a craft I loved.

I hope that we can meet some day and create some memories for yourself and your family all while having a bit of fun doing it! My questionnaires get into more details about your session, the process and what to expect.

I'm really simple, fun and light-hearted .... we'll have a great time!

Oh - legal stuff. I am registered to conduct business in the State of Florida as well as Insured. Those are super important aspects in choosing a Photographer!

Any questions? Email, text or give me a call! See you soon!

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